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"Very happy with our three Islands, doing

the job".

John & Dale Jannsen

Fernwood Farm Aberdeen Angus Stud,Gingin,

Western Australia

"They have cut losses of amphibians in our settling ponds"

Ximena Carrasco,

Senior Process Engineer,

Glencorp Copper

Refineries, Townsville.

North Queensland.

"Your unit is in a large concrete tank near Peterborough further north in our state."

Peter Lovig

Adelaide, South Australia sent one to his son.

"The Bird Islands cut down on wildlife losses as much as 90%."

Cyril & Denise Vale, Mendip Hills Droughtmaster Stud, Jericho, Queensland

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Word certainly gets around

We've had the privilege of shipping our Bird Islands to all corners of Oz, with many clients/now friends sending some kind words of thanks. Here's a few that we thought to share with you.


"We just love the Bird Islands."

John and Dale Jannsen

Fernwood Farm Aberdeen Angus Stud

Gingin, Western Australia.

"Eliminate a potential source of Botulism from your paddocks, install a Bird Island".

Darran Johnston Gough Plastics Rep, Gunnedah, NSW