Troughs to pools 

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Innovative and highly effective.

The Bird Island concept came from years of ‘on the ground’ observations, seeing far too many birds & other wildlife die unnecessarily at man-made water storage areas. Many graziers and farmers employ ‘bush’ solutions such as tree limbs and the like, however they rarely last long or perform as desired. Bird Islands are made with specific features that assist birds and wildlife to gain footholds and safety. Able to be secured or tethered depending on the application, theys have proven their effectiveness in the field many times over.




What is Bird Island?

Bird Island is a patented flotation and rescue device designed for use wherever outdoor/uncovered water is stored. Made of high quality UV stabilised plastic, the devices flotation can readily hold large birds weight and wildlife such as bandicoots and small marsupials. It’s tough and durable providing many years of service. Primarily conceived for the livestock and cattle industries it soon became apparent the concept worked equally well in many other situations including our Aussie favourite ‘backyard pools’.


Any steep sided body of water 

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