In the outback to the suburbs

Bird Island can be secured in the centre of a water drinking station ( to help keep curious noses out of the way ) utilizing the centre anchor point and a sturdy weight such as a bessa block. Should birds fall in, this device allows them a platform to dry out, then fly away.


In pool scenarios, Bird Island can be tethered by a light rope to a single ‘drinking station’ hole or the brass thread anchor on the underside ( you’ll need a stainless screw and washer ). The rope is then secured to a tie-point near the pool edge creating a rope escape that most creatures will readily use.

Bird Islands assist the environment in a passive yet highly effective manner.


Saving our wildlife

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Right across this wide brown land.

Understanding the shortcomings of stock troughs and most stock watering stations and the inability of birds to drink due to low water levels, highlighted the need for such a device on the land and in our backyards...

Bird Island helps prevent losses to our bird populations especially in the heat of summer when in the harsh reality of our bush, the water is available just inches away.


Bird Island require minimal maintenance. Depending on the environmental situation, they may require de-algae, weeding to help maintain animal traction and balance.

Works for toads and vermin too.